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Superintendent's Corner

Mid-Year Message

I am excited to share with you all the wonderful accomplishments that have happened already this year. Our superhero students and staff continue to amaze us. The rollout of the Chromebooks and iPads has been highly successful, with increased technology integrated in daily instruction. We continue as the only district on Long Island with a partnership with Brookhaven National Laboratory to use its Center for Functional Nanomaterials. Our entire district has been busy preparing for the connection with the International Space Station with Discovery Days at all the schools. Our students are leading the way with their enthusiasm and the high-level critical questions they are preparing for the astronauts. Our students have once again been featured on the Spotlight on LI radio show explaining about the upcoming International Space Station event. Our wrestlers competed in the prestigious Eastern States Wrestling Tournament earning sixth place. Our boys varsity 4 x 400m relay team set a national record, which is still in the top five times. Our select chorale delighted the audience as the opening performance at Radio City Music Hall. Once again, we were delighted to host the robotics tournament with 31 teams competing from Nassau County. We are proud that our students earned the Judges Award, which is given to a team worthy of special recognition.

I would like to congratulate our board president, Mr. Michael Pomerico, on his selection as a recipient of the Nassau BOCES Education Partner award for his outstanding contributions to public education. Congratulations also to Freeport Cares, which was honored at the Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration at Freeport Village for its advocacy and leadership in peace efforts. 

For the past three years, including this year, we have been able to present a budget to our public with a reduction in the tax levy. Educational and fiscal responsibility is at the heart of our budget planning. As a result, our district continues with the highest Standard & Poor’s bond rating of AA. As we get ready to present our proposed budget for the 2018-19 school year, we are faced with potential cuts from both the federal and state governments. The governor’s proposed budget would drastically cut the educational budget. The changes to SALT-D (State and Local Tax Deductions) with its limitation on tax return deductions, passed on the federal tax reform bill, will have a significant impact on individuals and institutions. We will continue to advocate for our fair share to provide our community with the best possible budget. 

As you know, we have been following the implementation guidelines for the Next Generation Learning Standards, including science, math, social studies and English language arts. While this work has been progressing, the State Education Department has also put forth educational changes that will affect our students. New standards for the arts are being implemented in the 2018-19 school year. These standards are in keeping with the spirit of the Next Generation Learning Standards and are designed to help students grow into artistically literate citizens, who achieve well-developed creative and aesthetic capacities, as well as robust critical thinking skills and a broad base of communication skills. Our teachers have begun professional development this year to be prepared for implementation.
With all the changes coming from the federal and state governments that will have direct impact on our district, it is extremely important that we join together to advocate for our fair share to support the future of our children. Please make sure to attend Board of Education and PTA meetings to stay informed. As always, we are committed to providing our students with the highest quality of education available. Together as partners advocating, we can continue to make this happen. I look forward to meeting you at some of our awesome events and performances in the future.

Dr. Kishore Kuncham
Superintendent of Schools

Fall Message

We began the 2017-18 school year with super energy and high expectations, and this powerful momentum has been maintained by our students and staff who are all actively engaged in rigorous learning activities throughout the district. We continue to provide our students with excellent opportunities to support and encourage their abilities to meet and exceed the expectations for 21st-century learning and college and career readiness skills. Our amazing students are already dazzling us with their academic, sports and musical performances.

The Next Generation Learning Standards were adopted this past September. The State Education Department has provided districts with a timeline towards full implementation of the standards in September 2020. The revised standards replace the Common Core Learning Standards and have been streamlined while maintaining rigor and high expectations. The number of anchor standards has been reduced and redundancy of standards has been omitted. The new English language arts standards will revise text complexity for every grade and add practices to foster lifelong readers and writers. In keeping with the implementation timeline for this year, we are building faculty awareness of the Next Generation Learning Standards through professional development, curriculum planning and model lessons.

Recently, our district was the first one, in the nation, approved by NASA to be able to interact with the astronauts aboard the International Space Station with both video and audio connections. Although we are waiting for the date to be set, plans are already underway for this amazing event. With our nanotechnology, science research programs and STEM programs throughout the district, Freeport Public Schools leads the way in science by giving our students innovative opportunities, including our partnerships with Adelphi University, Brookhaven National Labs, Cornell University and Hofstra University.

Our Chromebook roll-out has been a huge success. High School students have their 1:1 devices and are busily utilizing them in class and at home. Classrooms throughout the district are using the additional Chromebooks and iPad carts. Additional technology is being integrated into learning in myriad ways from kindergarten students through to our seniors. Our students are digital citizens and are using technology to research, communicate, collaborate and problem solve. 

I was heartened to see the large number of staff, students and our community participate in our annual Peace Walk and attend our Peace Concert. We stress the importance of educating the whole child and this includes the importance of self-awareness and social awareness. Our message resolving conflicts peacefully and being mindful of our words and deeds provides our students with vital strategies they can use now and in the future. Partnerships with our families are key to fully supporting our children. Please take the time to join our parent groups, attend Parent Universities, communicate with your child’s teachers and come to our Board of Education meetings to stay informed. Together, we will work to provide the best education for our children. I look forward to seeing you at our spectacular programs and events. Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season!

Dr. Kishore Kuncham
Superintendent of Schools

Welcome Back Message

Welcome back to the beginning of what is sure to be an amazing and accomplished school year! We are prepared and eager to begin the important work of education – helping to fulfill the potential for learning in each of our students. With high expectations, we continue our commitment to providing our students with the educational opportunities they need to succeed. 

Many new staff members, both teachers and administrators, will join our Freeport Public Schools’ family this year. They join our current staff in providing excellent instruction as highly qualified, committed educators.  Other administrators have changed positions. Mr. Joseph Mille is the principal of Freeport High School and Mrs. Mary Garguilo is the principal of Bayview Avenue School. Both have a proven track record of commitment to excellence and are excited and eager to begin in their new roles. Dr. Helen Kanellopoulos is our new director of pupil personnel services. She will be a wonderful asset for our students and families and is a great addition to our administration. I am pleased to welcome our new assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction, Dr. Mary Anne DeVivio. She brings with her vast knowledge and experience and has already been hard at work this summer preparing for the new school year. 

Our facilities have been meticulously prepared and are ready for our students. The summer has been a busy time for completing capital projects and facility upgrades. Some of the work completed includes updated classrooms and science labs, new bathrooms, and electrical and lighting projects. The field and track at Dodd Middle School has been a big project that will provide enhancement for the Dodd students. 

We are in the second phase of our technology infusion. The buildings are set with additional Chromebooks and iPads in the classrooms or on carts and students at Freeport High School will receive their Chromebooks. We are excited about the enhanced learning opportunities this will provide. We are still moving full STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, Mathematics) ahead. Our teachers and students can look ahead to some very innovative and unique experiences linking science and technology this year. Much preparation and planning, including the use of the inquiry design model, was accomplished last year to prepare students and curriculum for the social studies standards implementation this year. We are in the beginning stages of implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards in keeping with the state deadlines. Teachers have been trained and the planning for units reflecting these standards has begun.

Each year, we advocate for our students to ensure they receive the support they need instructionally and through funding to meet federal and state mandates. This advocacy will be more crucial this year with possible policy shifts moving funding away from public education. We will keep our community informed about important issues and encourage you to join us in advocating for our children throughout the school year.

As always, meeting the varied needs of our students is of the utmost importance. We are moving enthusiastically ahead and look forward to the return of our children. Our students are stars academically, in the arts and on the field and our expectations are set high. Together, we will have a year filled with amazing and wonderful opportunities. 

Kishore Kuncham
Superintendent of Schools