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Bayview Avenue

Celebrating Success Award

msxBayview Avenue School of Arts & Science Celebrating Success Recipient
“Inspiring others to Be the Change within our School and Community”

It is with great pleasure that we nominate Michelle Stanziale-Campbell for Bayview Avenue’s Celebrating Success recipient, “Inspiring Others to be the Change within Our School and Community.” 

Ms. Stanziale-Campbell has fully embraced her new role of science facilitator.  She clearly inspires others to be the change within our school and community on a daily basis.  

Ms. Stanziale-Campbell continuously informs and educates all of the faculty and staff at the Bayview Avenue School of Arts and Sciences of the Next Generation Science Standards, as well as the curriculum topics that need to be addressed by grade level.  She recruited a teacher at every grade level, and with her team of colleagues, attended extensive training related to the science curriculum, which has been turn-keyed to the faculty and staff.

 Ms. Stanziale-Campbell re-organized and optimally designed the science lab to meet the needs of classes kindergarten through fourth, not only in the area of science, but all areas of instruction.  She wholeheartedly believes in the 5 E’s of Science Instruction (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate), as these skills certainly lend themselves to enhance students’ 21st Century skills.  

In Ms. Stanziale-Campbell’s journey of extensive research, which is on-going, she has written a Jovia grant in order to supply needed materials for the science lab for teachers to utilize with their respective students to master learning targets.  She advocated for the Mystery Science subscription and was successful in obtaining it for the faculty of Bayview Avenue.  She enthusiastically distributed the science kits shortly so that the students may conduct hands-on experiments and supports teachers on all levels to ensure maximum usage and outcome.
  Ms. Stanziale-Campbell is also a dual language teacher for the Spanish side of the district’s dual language program at Bayview Avenue School.  With over 15 years of experience in this program, she continues to inspire her students and families to embrace bilingualism and cultural awareness.  Ms. Stanziale-Campbell’s students are often selected to be speakers at various events, requested to partake in school-based and district-wide performances, chosen for academic enrichment programs, and when they finally do graduate from Freeport High School, her students are typically included in the “Top Ten.”  

Ms. Stanziale-Campbell certainly inspires others to strive toward the achievement of goals.  She genuinely believes and affirms that learning is a life long journey; and once established goals are achieved, she inspires herself, as well as others to embark on a journey of new goals.  Ms. Stanziale-Campbell has collaborated with her dual language partner, Ms. Yvette Goldstein day in and day out throughout her career in the Freeport school district.  Their teamwork certainly inspires others to be the change as well.  Ms. Stanziale-Campbell has co-chaired the Sunshine Committee for 10 years. And of course,  Michelle is a staunch member of our newly organized Bayview School Walking Club!

On behalf of the entire Bayview family, we congratulate Michelle Stanziale-Campbell for Inspiring Others to be the Change within our School and Community!