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Welcome to Columbus Avenue

150 N. Columbus Avenue
Freeport, NY 11520
Tel: 516-867-5240
Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten)

  Alma Rocha



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Early Childhood Education Center

The Early Childhood Center is a very special school.  The youngest learners in the District are here at Columbus.  We have over 300 Universal Pre-K and over 200 Kindergarten students.   Our motto is “It All Starts Here”.  Through ‘hands-on’ experiences, the children learn about letters, sounds, numbers, and so much more.  Coming to school is a joyful experience where the children begin their journeys to becoming ‘life-long learners’.   For most, the journey begins with the morning bus ride.  Children arrive each morning with big smiles and eager looks of anticipation.  “What will today bring,” is the unspoken question of the day.  Our goal is to help the youngest Freeport School District students begin their educational careers as confident people and excited about learning.


Our pre-k students attend five days a week for 2½ hours per day.  During the morning or afternoon session basic literacy, numeracy, science and social studies skills are taught through direct instruction as well as through an integration of art, music, movement and play.


Our kindergarten children attend full days. The District’s Dual Language program begins here at Columbus for some of our students.  Through the Dual Language program, the children receive instruction in both English and Spanish.  Just as importantly, they learn about the other’s culture.  Additionally, general education classes as well as classes for children with special needs are part of our kindergarten.  We all learn from each other. While more “formal” than Pre-K, kindergarten children also learn through direct instruction as well as art, music, movement and play.

Principal's Message

July 2019

Dear Columbus Avenue Families,

I hope you summer is filled with fun and reading! I am honored to be your new Principal at Columbus Avenue Early Childhood Center. We are very busy getting ready to welcome all of you on the first day. Back to School letters with important information about the first day of school will be mailed the week of August 19th.

It is going to be a wonderful year and I look forward to meeting you at our school events. “It All Starts Here” at Columbus Avenue School, so come be a part of your child’s education and their future!

Health Information
If you received a letter from the Health Office about missing information like vaccinations or a doctor’s signature, you MUST bring or mail this information to Columbus Avenue School. Your child will not receive the Back to School letter until he/ she is cleared by the Health Office and your child will not be permitted to attend class until the paperwork has been cleared by the Health Office. We are here to help you. Should you have questions about the paperwork or would like to drop the paperwork off in person, the main office will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. to support our families.

Columbus Avenue is not able to make any changes to bus stop assignments. If you have a bus question or concern, please call transportation at 516-867-5220.

Attendance, Arrival & Dismissal
In order to grow and learn, your child needs to be present at school and on time each day. Please help your child by ensuring that they get a good night’s sleep, are ready for the bus each day and are here for school at 8:00 a.m. Students who arrive after 8:15 a.m. are marked tardy (late) and miss out on time to settle into their classroom and say hello to friends before starting the day.

If your child has an assigned bus. He/she will be sent home on the bus UNLESS we receive a written note from you indicating that you will be picking him/her up from school that day.

Students will be dismissed at 2:20 p.m.

School Supplies
To help ensure your child’s success in school and at home this year, the following supplies will be needed:

• Backpack School bag- Backpacks with wheels will not be permitted due to safety concerns.

• Lunch box/bag and thermos – optional for snack and/or lunch (Kindergarten students only)

• Your child will need crayons, scissors, pencils, and glue AT HOME for homework. A pencil case or box will help keep these items organized.

• At Back to School Night, your child's teacher will inform you if there are any specific items that are needed for school/classroom.

Welcome to the Columbus Avenue family! I know that together, we will help our students to become happy, motivated and engaged learners for many years to come!

If you have any questions, please call Columbus Avenue at 516-867-5240. 

Alma Rocha 

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Freeport Public Schools has launched its mobile app!