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Staff Directory

John W. Dodd Middle School


Assistant Principals
(7th Grade)
(8th Grade)

Faculty and Staff
Art Department

Cafeteria Staff

(Assistant Cook)

(Head Cook)

Custodial Staff
(Acting Assistant Head Custodian)

(Head Custodian)

(Assistant Head Custodian)

English Department
(Lead Teacher)

Guidance Department

Home and Careers Department

Language Department
(split assign.)

(Lead Teacher)

Math Department


Music Department

Office Staff
(Assistant Principal’s Office)
(Principal’s Secretary)

(Main Office)

(Main Office)

(Health Office)
(Assistant Principal’s Office)

(Guidance p/t)
(Main Office)

Permanent Substitute

Physical Education Department

Reading/Challenge Department

Science Department


Social Studies Department

(Lead Teacher)

Special Education Department

(Lead Teacher)

(Lead Teacher)

Special Subject Teachers


(School Psychologist)

(Speech split assign.)
(Lead Social Worker)

(School Psychologist split assign.)



Teacher Aide

Teaching Assistants

Technology Department